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Are You Thinking of Building an Orangery?

By December 6, 2017 No Comments

In northern Europe in the 17th century, it was fashionable to build an orangery to nurture citrus plants through the winter. Two centuries later, when the advent of trains brought regular deliveries of these tropical fruits from the south, the use of the orangery evolved into an atrium-style sitting area where the upper class raised exotic plants and entertained their guests.

The modern orangery can be anything you please. It can be a kitchen, a living room, a study, or a modified greenhouse. Architects have come up with many different styles of orangeries, but to make an informed choice, the layperson need only understand the difference between the classical orangery and the more familiar conservatory.

Why Choose an Orangery Over a Conservatory?

Conservatories are an architectural mutation of the orangery. Built without the sturdy walls and pillars of the orangery, the conservatory boasts minimal brickwork and a largely glass-based structure. If you wish to maximize the sunlight pouring into the interior of this space, then you should definitely choose a conservatory for your home improvement project.

On the other hand, if you want an extension that blends into the existing aesthetics of your home and can be used even after sunset, then it is an orangery that you want.

The flat roof perimeter around the glass peak of the classical orangery will allow you to add light fixtures that will keep the space well lit all the time. The French doors and large glass windows will open up the room to the surrounding environment, giving the new room an air of wide space and comfort.

The modern orangery has all the functional advantages of a conservatory with the added benefits of being a room designed for comfort and practical use.

Is an Orangery Expensive?

The material used for an orangery is often what drives up the price of this stylish home extension. While conservatories are often built from PVCs, orangeries require much more brickwork and are predominantly made of timber.

However, the popularity of this setup means that companies specializing in building orangeries offer packages that suit the budget of the homeowner. Depending on how posh you want it to look, your brand new orangery can be well within your means.

What Will an Orangery Do For You?

If you have unused space on your property or need an extra room but don’t want to give up access to your garden, an orangery can solve the problem for you.

It’s a versatile space that adds to your home’s beauty while giving your family the experience of sitting under the stars, even when you’re dining indoors.

You may also consider using your new orangery for its original purpose and filling the room with shrubs, plants, and flowers that scent the air with their fresh perfume.

Over the years, this style of extending a house has gained such popularity that adding an orangery automatically raises the asking price of a property.

Is an Orangery What You Need?

The orangery remains a favorite among architects for the way it allows indoor space to be expanded while keeping the room bathed in natural light and connected to the world outside. So, if you’re a homeowner who loves the idea of open spaces and airy rooms, an orangery may be the perfect new addition to your house.