A good refurbishment can inject a sense of vitality and life into a home – as well as adding thousands to the value of a property. Here at Quay Point Construction, we provide exceptional refurbishment services to ensure properties reach and realise their full potential. No job is too large or small for our team of experts, who have spent many years refurbishing properties all over the UK to an exceptionally high standard.

Our expertise in the field of refurbishment is unparalleled – between our team we have decades of experience and have logged countless hours transforming houses into homes and breathing new life into empty buildings. With industry-knowledge, cutting-edge equipment and a team of skilled craftsmen on our team, our services can’t be matched – especially when considering our highly competitive pricing structures.

Every member of the team here at Quay Point Construction is fully trained, qualified and insured to take on the projects you ask of us. We’ll also meet the highest building safety standards and regulations, for that extra peace of mind.
Not got time to oversee the project? No problem – we can project manage the entire thing, from start to finish, offering regular updates and progress reports and, most important, ensuring that your refurbishment is finished on-time and within your budget limitations.

For more information about our stunning refurbishments, or to discuss your own needs, get in touch with a member of the team today.


Thousands of people across the country wish they had more living space or an extra bedroom in their homes, yet many of them have a loft which is crammed with boxes or junk – or not in use at all.

Here at B&W Building Services, we can create stunning loft conversions that give the highest room in the house a whole new purpose. Whether you want a sophisticated new office, a comfortable extra bedroom or a quirky and unique living space, our expert team can transform your loft into a useable, liveable area.

We’ve been providing loft conversions for the last fifteen years, and are highly experienced when working with both modern builds and traditional constructions. Pre-1960s homes use rafters and ceiling joists made from supporting timbers, whereas homes built after this time use factory-made truss roof sections that require a little more work when undertaking a loft conversion. Our team have completed hundreds of conversions on all types of properties, and will be best placed to assess and overhaul your loft space.

Conversions of any size require specialists – and that’s exactly what you get with B&W Building Services. Our team are highly qualified, highly experienced and with a multitude of certifications and accreditations that show we’re among the best in the business. We also pride ourselves on our competitive price structures – so you won’t be paying through the roof for us to transform your loft.

If you’d like to realise your home’s true potential and add real value with a top-floor living space of any kind, get in touch with our team today to discuss your loft conversion needs.

If you’d like to realise your home’s true potential and add real value, get in touch with our team today